Friday, December 2 from 10 am to 12.30 pm the Italian Volleyball Federation, coordinator of the working group for the SPORT4RULES project, will organize a final conference of the project in which all partners will exhibit the final results.  The aim of Sport4Rules is to concretely support the values represented by the arbitral figure, in order to foster the culture of non-violence, respect and fair play.

For more than two years, research has been carried out on methodologies, approaches and best practices relating to the impact of arbitral conduct on violence, racism and intolerance in sport, while developing training paths that can best train, both the youngest within the school curriculum, and the class referee (and aspirant) on these issues: surveys, trials and studies took place in all the countries represented by the consortium, including Italy.

In addition to FIPAV, the Bulgarian Ministry of Sport and Youth (BMYS), the International Federation for Sports Officials (IFSO), the Bosnia and Herzegovina Olympic Committee (OCBH), the Croatian Federation of Volleyball (CVF), the Turkish Federation of Volleyball (TVF), the French Basketball Federation (FBF), the University of Seville (US) and the organization Mine Vaganti NGO,

During the conference will be presented the results of research conducted so far that may be an important input for sports organizations, referees, institutions and families.

All those interested in attending the conference can register via the link: