Completed in Rome the intermediate meeting of the European project Sport4rules. In the Council Room of the headquarters of the Italian Volleyball Federation, the representatives of the 9 partner countries of the project co-financed by Erasmus+ and coordinated by Fipav, participated in an intense two-day comparison to plan methods and methods of promotion in schools of the values represented by the figure of arbitration in order to support the principles of loyalty, fair play and compliance with the rules among the youngest. During the meeting the partners, Italian Volleyball Federation, Bulgarian Ministry of Sport and Youth (BMYS), the International Federation for Sports Officials (IFSO), the Olympic Committee Bosnia and Herzegovina (OCBH), the Croatian Volleyball Federation (CVF), the Turkish Volleyball Federation (TVF), the Italian Tennis Federation (FIT), the French Basketball Federation (FBF) and the University of Seville (US), presented Intellectual Output 1 and then discussed the progress of Intellectual Output 2 in order to better coordinate the activities to be carried out in the coming months.

“Returning to discuss and plan live is a cause of joy – said the president of Fipav, Giuseppe Manfredi – and specifically for Fipav is a great honor to host the representatives of the eight partners of this European project. Promoting respect for the rules, the opponents and the game itself through the values expressed by the figure of arbitration, is the umpteenth proof of how and how much sport can be decisive in the social sphere. It is our task to continue along this European path to speak with young people and transmit values that sport knows how to simplify and make universal”.¬†¬†